Albino Goldies Magic Mushrooms

Albino Goldies Magic Mushrooms

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In general, eating Psilocybe cubensis results in changes in mood and thought-pattern and, at higher doses, hallucination. Nausea is also common, unfortunately. Dangerous side-effects are rare but possible, and children are especially likely to have bad reactions. The high usually begins about half an hour after ingestion and lasts six to eight hours, though longer trips are possible.

Whether any of the above varies depending on strain is a matter of debate. Some people say that “a cube is a cube,” while others insist e1ach strain is distinct. Members of the latter group say that albino A+ starts fast, is often funny, and causes hallucinations that make the world appear gelatinous.

Curiously, albino A+ is also known for having a particularly strong flavor that some users don’t like.


Potency does vary between strains. Albino A+ is one of the more potent Psilocybe cubensis strains.

Growing Albino A+

Albino A+ can be grown by any method generally used for Psilocybe cubensis. It’s not a picky strain, and is considered easy to grow. Many growers report that it is a slow strain, though, with a very long colonization time and very slow fruiting—and some growers report that the strain is about typical in its timing. What is not typical is the reliability of the strain’s growth, the generosity of its flushes, and the plentiful production of spores by its mature specimens; impressive production makes albino A+ a favorite among magic mushroom growers despite its sometimes slow progress.


The effects of psilocybin, the chemical responsible for most of Psilocybe cubensis’ psychoactivity, generally depend on the dose—a very small dose will be mood-altering and mildly mind-altering, but it will not be hallucinogenic. A very large dose will cause temporary disintegration of the self, an experience some people seek and others find terrifying. Dangerous side effects are also more likely at higher doses. Users often speak of three to five dosage levels—for example: microdose (non-hallucinogenic); beginner; experienced; and heroic. It’s possible to estimate how much mushroom will get a person to each level, provided one knows whether the mushroom is fresh or dried, what strain it is, and other factors. But even within a strain, potency can vary, plus human sensitivity to psilocybin varies from person to person.

Dosage recommendations should be regarded only as rough suggestions.

Buying vs. Growing Albino A+

Someone wishing to use albino A+ has a choice of two main options—buying or growing. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Which one is best depends on the user’s situation and interests—and, to some extent, on applicable law.

Growing at home is by far the cheapest option on a per-gram basis, especially for people who collect their own spores and keep the straight growing for batch after batch. The only supplies that will need to be replaced are substrate materials and water, all of which is very low-cost. Plus, growing mushrooms is a fascinating hobby.

In some areas, there is a legal advantage to growing at home, too. In many (not all) jurisdictions, it’s not the fungus that is illegal but the chemical, psilocybin. From a legal perspective, a mushroom that contains psilocybin  is illegal only in the same way that a jar containing psilocybin would be—and spores don’t contain psilocybin. That means they are legal to buy and sell. The illegal activity happens only in the privacy of one’s own home.

But some jurisdictions do have specific laws against possession of these spores, plus having a large amount of illegal material in the home for an extended period can be a serious risk. Plus, not everyone even wants large amounts of the same strain, no matter how good that strain may be.

Buying mushrooms, though risky both from a legal perspective and in terms of quality (it’s not as if one can sue the seller if anything goes wrong), does allow a user to quickly obtain just a dose or two. That’s a good option for someone who doesn’t yet know if they’re going to like mushrooms, and it’s a good option for an enthusiast who wants to try every kind there is at least once.

Plus, there are areas that have decriminalized magic mushrooms for personal use, in which case possession of a dose or two will not be prosecuted, but possession of an entire crop might well be.

All this should not be taken as encouragement to break the law, however.

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Albino Goldies Magic Mushrooms

Albino Goldies 

Albino Goldies Magic Mushrooms: Albino A+ or Albino AA+, as it is sometimes called, is a cultivated strain of the well-known psychoactive mushroom species, Psilocybe cubensis. It’s typically cream-colored to white, sometimes with a bluish tint—when damaged, it bruises blue very obviously. The spores are purple-black, and once they mature, they will cover the stem-ring and make it appear black. Because these mushrooms have reduced pigmentation, not none at all, they are technically “leucistic,”  not albinos. That’s good news for growers, since real albino mushrooms  have colorless spores that are almost invisible and thus very hard to work with.

There is also a more typically-pigmented strain called A+. The two are very similar and undoubtedly closely related. Curiously, sources differ as to which is the parent strain, but logic suggests that the non-albino version came first. Either way AA+ is the more popular of the two.

There is persistent speculation that albino A+ is actually part-Panaeolus, since its high is reportedly reminiscent of the effects of some of the more potent Panaeolus species. Actually, such hybridization between different genera is likely impossible, but there may be some coincidental biochemical similarity.

The important thing to remember is that albino A+ is very popular, thanks to its high potency and large flushes.


Albino Goldies are the rare cross between Albino A+ and Golden Teachers. The shape of these raw mushrooms coincides with the shape of Albino+, showcasing some of the colour characteristics of Golden Teachers.

Albino A+

Albino A+, also known as Psilocybe Cubensis A+, has a unique makeup with white stems and white caps. The stem does show an intense blue colour when bruised. It is considered the most beautiful mushroom from Psilocybes Cubensis to grow; a tropical shroom with medium-large body size.

Albino+ is known for a quick and slightly more physical high, that can last as long as four to five hours. The length of the high is directly correlated with the amount consumed. It is recommended for experienced users. The effects of Albino+ are felt fast and intensely. Users report experiencing a mood enhancement with euphoria and excitement anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes after consumption.

A higher dosage will launch more intense visual enhancements, while a smaller dosage will only create a mild visual stimulation. It can land its user into an introspective thought state, where the surroundings may seem to come alive and even breathe. The most common museum dose (0.5 – 1.5 g) and moderate dose (2 – 3.5 g) usually provide a three to six-hour trip.

Golden Teachers

Golden Teachers are very potent mushrooms that can offer a very memorable trip. It is the largest kind of mushroom in the collection. Psychonauts love this mushroom because of their profound impact. Named after its golden-coloured caps, this strain is known to have a variety of effects, such as powerful emotions, enhanced colours, visual distortions, lightness and giddiness. Many have the experience of feeling euphoric, perceptive and spiritually in-tune.

Golden Teacher is known to be revelatory and insightful, imparting impactful lessons that can remain with the user even after the effects wear off. The effects can kick in about 20 minutes from consumption and can last four to six hours.

It is highly recommended for beginners. Its origin is unknown, and it is classified as one of the ‘new’ mushrooms.

The Medicinal Properties of Albino Goldies

The Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom species is amongst the most popular. The main active elements of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms are psilocybin and psicolin. From a strictly chemical approach, psilocybin and psicolin are known to be the indole hallucinogens that prohibit the action of serotonin in brain tissue.

They influence the serotonin receptors that are responsible for the communicating nerve impulses between the nerve cells. This communication can be altered which would explain psilocin’s hallucinatory effects. Serotonin influences most of what we do, including how we feel and how we process information.

Psilocybin has been linked to anti-depressive, anti-anxiety and anti-stress benefits. They are also correlated with the promotion of neural genesis and preventing the decline of neuronal functions. Psilocybin mushrooms are known to offer the best escape from stress and depression.

Recommendations for Safe Use

If this is your first time wanting to experience the blissful trip of a magic mushroom, make sure to do so in a comfortable and safe environment, with someone sober present throughout the experience.

A bigger quantity in dosage can cause strong and intense mind-altering effects, time dilation and even ego-death phenomena, which might be scary to some when experiencing it for the first time.

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