Chupa Chups MDMA | 240mg

Chupa Chups MDMA | 240mg

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Chupa Chups MDMA | 240mg

Chupa Chups MDMA | 240mg: Chupa Chups MDMA | 240mg High-dose MDMA (ecstasy) tablets have been been in streets for long and it has a large market as it’s one of the finest in the psychedelic’s family . These high-dose tablets contain three times the dose of other MDMA tablets and capsules commonly circulating around.

Streets, shops etc have recently identified high-dose blue tablets labelled ‘Chupa Chups‘ (average dose was 188mg- 300mg).


Take one MDMA (ecstasy) tablet or capsule but the risk of harm is higher if:

  • you take more than one MDMA (ecstasy) tablet or capsule
  • you take a high-dose MDMA (ecstasy) tablet or capsule
  • you use other stimulant drugs (e.g. methamphetamine, cocaine or caffeine) at the same time
  • you use alcohol, certain medicines or other illicit drugs at the same time

MDMA (ecstasy) is often poorly manufactured and the amount of MDMA in a tablet or capsule can vary a lot, even within the same batch. The time from taking the drug to feeling any effect can vary significantly depending on the drug as well as the individual person.

MDMA (ecstasy) has been linked to death, serious harm and life-long complications. Numerous deaths in the past few years which were a direct result of taking high doses of MDMA.

Information and advice

  • Get help immediately if you or someone else have taken one of these tablets and feel unwell and tell someone what you have taken.
  • Signs that you should seek help immediately: feeling really hot, rigid muscles, confusion or agitation, racing pulse / heart, feeling aggressive, uncontrolled repetitive movements, vomiting, seizures, difficult to rouse / unconsciousness.
  • Maintain social distancing as advised, but stay connected with your friends and family.

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