Druids Fantasy Legal High

Druids Fantasy Legal High

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Druids Fantasy are capsules filled with strong hallucinogenic herbs that will give you the same psychedelic experience as a magic mushroom trip. Buy Druids Fantasy and have a way-out trip at a party, festival or at home.

Effects of Druids Fantasy

Druids Fantasy capsules are filled with Morning Glory Seeds which contains LSA. LSA is related to LSD so you should expect a strong psychedelic effect. You may feel some slight nausea at the beginning but it will soon pass.


Each pack of Druids Fantasy contains 6 capsules. Start by taking 2 capsules and only take a larger dose when you are familiar with the effects. You should never take more than 6 capsules of Druids Fantasy in one go.


Each package of Druids Fantasy contains 6 capsules. Each capsule contains a 800mg blend of:

  • Morning Glory seeds (Ipomoea Violaceae)
  • Taurine
  • Magnesium Sulphate
  • Gelatin


Keep out of reach of children. Do not take during pregnancy or while breast-feeding. Do not take if you suffer from any medical or psychiatric condition. Do not mix with other drugs, medicines or alcohol.


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Druids Fantasy Legal High

Druids Fantasy Legal High: Truly a gift from the gods of Middle Earth; Druids Fantasy contains a concoction of natural ethnobotanicals, including one of our personal favorites Morning Glory (known to contain the psychoactive alkaloid L.S.A.) which has been used for over a millennia as a hallucinogenic for shamanic rituals.

So I got my hands on some Druid’s Fantasy Herbal High Pills from a local headshop on a discount from having had them around for a while. I did locate them online, at Azarius, however, they do not seem to be in stock…in fact, nothing does. But anyway, because I ended up trying it myself and just in case there is anyone looking for an experience, I decided to still review it still. The package itself feels kind of cheap, reminding me of something I’d buy in the “as seen on TV” aisle by the check out register at Walmart. There are 6 capsules in each pack. The product relies on Morning Glory Seeds which are basically used for their LSA (Lysergic Acid Amide). And LSA is very similar to LSD when administered correctly.

The capsules smelled really bad. Something really rank inside of them. But, I did not by Druid’s Fantasy for the aroma. I bought it for its legal high. I ended up consuming all 6 pills within 24 hours. They tasted bad, smelled bad and I read you should not consume too much beforehand, so I only had a bagel about an hour prior.

Product Effects

I do not recommend this, the nausea was terrible and the headache was really strong. I tried to get the good effects of LSA but could not get it from this. I have had many good Hawaiian baby wood rose seed experiences, but this experience was really awful, and it is probably because it used the LSA from morning glory seeds which I realize require so much more to be effective. With consuming more seeds, means also consuming more of the “bad stuff” in the seeds, which make you sick and ruin your trip. I think maybe they just grind the seeds up and combine it with stuff or something, but they probably leave the bad stuff in, as I was extremely sick on this product. I felt very nauseous and could not even really control it, the vomiting would constantly just come on like a light bulb, over and over again. Normally if you vomit on an LSA trip it is just once and then you are mostly good…but I just kept on vomiting. I did get a really low key euphoria, and my body felt really really heavy for about 30 minutes or so at one point. I was excited because I thought it was kicking in…but let down to realize that was actually the full-on peak. I h ad basically no memorable dreams that night, which is also weird, as LSA usually promotes awesome dreams.

Unfortunately, most people who are into this kind of stuff realize very quickly that LSA is best as a sublingual administration (under the tongue). So these pills involve consuming a powdered morning glory seed concoction that is almost guaranteed to make someone nauseous. And it does, seriously, but it also works to some extent (maybe not much, but still some). It’s kind of unpleasant having to consume so many capsules. While Druid’s Fantasy worked, it did not provide nearly enough effect for the money, and I can’t imagine consuming more pills just to get more nauseous, so it ultimately felt like a rip off. Even with the negative effects and mostly negative experience, it admittedly did provide some effects, including a light relaxation and slight euphoria for a little while; And because it absolutely altered my mental state, it receives 2 stars instead of 1. Still, I would not call this product pleasant or a true LSD substitute as it is marketed. And the nausea was extreme. Approach with caution. And if you choose to do it, do not give up on LSA if you have a bad experience on this, as there are plenty of GOOD experiences to be had on Hawaiian baby wood rose seeds.


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