Ecuadorian Tri Colour Magic Mushroom

Ecuadorian Tri Colour Magic Mushroom

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Ecuadorian Tri Colour Magic Mushroom

Ecuadorian Tri Colour Magic Mushroom

Ecuadorian Tri Colour Magic Mushroom: Tri-Colour Ecuadorian or Tri-Colour Ecuador Magic Mushrooms are thick stemmed shrooms originating from the highlands of Ecuador. The Ecuadorian mushroom is a psilocybe cubensis, a popular species of magic mushrooms similar to the other shrooms available in the market. This variation is a rare isolated variant of the exotic strain.

The trip experience of Tri-Colour Ecuadorian magic mushrooms can differ from person to person. This is the case with all magic mushrooms. Reports suggest that the Ecuadorian provides a euphoric state of mind which is dreamy and relaxing. The initial effects are known to be very intense and then it is expected to become more chill as you ease in. This strain may provide less of a body high, keeping the experience clean and spiritual.

With Mungus Shrooms Ecuadorian tri-color shroom users induce a euphoric state of mind that is very dreamy also relaxing and can be quite visual. This powerhouse hits you hard at first, then tents to ease up for a more relaxing ride that can be spiritual and enlightening. After around 10-30 minutes of consuming this Ecuadorian Cubensis, So you will feel your mood elevated along with feeling happy and excited. and you will also experience a range of visual enhancements ranging from mild to intense depending on your dosage. You might feel that your surroundings are breathing and nature is more alive. You will experience yourself being in a self-examining state. Music and art will look and feel different – more mesmerizing.  The common dose of these Ecuadorian magic mushrooms in 0.5-1.5g and the moderate dose is 2-3.5g.

You can recognize the Ecuador magic mushroom by its very particular characteristics. It has a long, thick stalk and large caramel caps.

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