Salvia Extract 40X

Salvia Extract 40X

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Salvia Extract 40X

Salvia Extract 40X: Salvia is used in shamanic rituals to get into contact with the supernatural. Salvia is also used for its special effects as recreational drugs. When using Salvia Divinorum you will experience a brief but intense hallucinogenic trip. The primary active substance that provides for this is Salvinorin A.

The product is not to be compared with other hallucinogenic products.

40X Salvia Extract

Salvia Divinorum can be used in two ways: by smoking or taken orally.

Smoking salvia is best with a pure pipe or bong. Inhale the smoke deeply and hold it at least for 20 seconds. The hallucinations occur almost directly and are fairly short, usually 5 to 15 minutes.

Ingestion you chew the herbs or under the tongue. When chew you swallow it as long as possible. We advise you to chew at least 10 minutes. The hallucinations occur after 10/20 minutes and have a longer effect than when the Salvia is smoked.

For the use of the product should be taken into account of the following:

  • The presence of a sober friend when using Salvia is recommended.
  • Swallowing has no adverse health effects.
  • Noise can interfere with the Salvia trip. We recommend to use the product in a quiet environment.
  • Start with a lower strength if you are not familiar with Salvia.

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